Tool Shed Renovation

Digging trench for new electric

Completing the Tool Shed Project

Two years ago the HSW made a commitment to create a permanent exhibit to interpret some of the historical industries and personalities from those industries that exemplify life in Woodstock's past. To that end, and with the help of dedicated volunteers, the 100-year-old plus shed that stands next to the Eames House was stabilized and a refurbishment project was undertaken. This shed, now known as the Tool Shed, will house an exhibit that will open who farmed the land, harvested, and milled the timber, harvested ice, quarried stone, and literally built the town.

Tool Shed Ramp

We have reached our fundraising goal for the Tool Shed project. If you contributed you have our heart-felt gratitude and we will be acknowledging your gift with a plaque on the Shed. If you are still inclined to make a donation it will be used to make the exhibit more accessible to the public.

Various saws stored in the shed