The Archive of the Historical Society of Woodstock

In addition to the exhibition space, which is located at the historic Eames House in the center of Woodstock, the Historical Society has an extensive archive consisting of paintings, prints, and drawings, (many representative of Woodstock's rise as a premiere art colony) - as well as sculpture, textiles, photographs, books and manuscripts, correspondence/documents, film/sound recordings, and antique tools. The archive serves as a resource for a wide range of exhibitions and public programming.

HSW’s collections date from the mid nineteenth-century. They represent the dual identity of life in a small town in the Catskill Mountains with local interests and businesses, as well as an art community of national interest with over a century of history. The art collections are mostly the early works of local artists, with additional personal archives; scrap books, memorabilia, and photographs. The collections often represent several generations and extended families, including private letters and archives associated with the artists.

Notable examples in the fine art collection include works by Milton Avery, Robert Angeloch, Arnold Blanch, Marion Bullard, John Fenton, Milton Glaser, Yasu Kuniyoshi, Doris Lee, Carl Linden, Eugene Ludins, and Zulma Steele, among others.