Tool Shed Renovation

Historical Society of Woodstock

Honoring and Celebrating Woodstock’s Agrarian Past Through Tools

Before Woodstock was a Colony of the Arts it was a rural community. In addition to working farms, Woodstock’s agrarian economy supported a number of related industries. These included blacksmithing to manufacture and repair the tools farmers needed. Farming by itself has never been sufficient to support farm families, so farmers and others often did other work including ice harvesting in the winter, timber harvesting, and mill work to process timber.

The Historical Society of Woodstock has been accepting and collecting tools and equipment used in Woodstock farming, blacksmithing, ice harvesting, timber harvesting, and other related rural industries and work. These tools were stored in a deteriorating shed until the Historical Society decided to refurbish the shed, display the tools, and tell the stories behind them.

The Geezer Corps began this process by stabilizing the shed and the HSW is sincerely grateful for the Geezers’ great work which, as usual, was all donated. The next step is to turn the shed into a display space. This will require electrification, finishing walls, ceiling, and floor, installing lighting, and all the hardware and signage needed to mount an exhibition.

Do you have any stories or first-hand experience with the Woodstock people who lived those times and used these tools? We want to record your stories. Please reach out to Michael Drillinger:

The budget to finish the shed and mount a show is $8,000. All contributors will be acknowledged by a plaque mounted to the shed. The Historical Society of Woodstock is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We appreciate any gift no matter the amount.

Please watch for developments with the tool shed on our website: and on FaceBook at Historical Woodstock.