William Arlt's painting, Flowers,

is to be conserved with a $2,750 grant from The Greater Hudson Heritage Network and the New York Council of the Arts.

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The Historical Society of Woodstock receives a significant Woodstock work of art from Doug James, which he had conserved.

Joseph C. Pollet (1897–1979)
“Self Portrait”

An important member of the Woodstock Art Colony, he was best known for his portraits and realistic rural landscapes.

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Our Vision

The Historical Society of Woodstock will be the common thread that weaves together the rich and colorful tapestry of Woodstock, inspiring our community through a collective appreciation of our past.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Historical Society of Woodstock is to preserve, interpret, and share the unique history of Woodstock.

About Us

The Historical Society of Woodstock was founded in 1929 by a group of artists, writers, academics, and local citizens. In addition to the exhibition space, which is located at the historic Eames House on Comeau Drive in the center of Woodstock, the Historical Society has an extensive archive consisting of paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, textiles, photographs, books, manuscripts, correspondence, documents, film/sound recordings, and antique tools. The archive serves as a resource for a wide range of exhibitions, public programming, and research.