Eva van Rijn bio


Eva was born in Den Hague, Holland in 1936 and emigrated to the United States with her parents during World War II. The family settled in Woodstock, New York. Here the vitality and creativity of a thriving art community formed the basis for her artistic style and work ethic.

Taking a year off from college, she attended the Academia de Belle Arte in Florence, Italy, where her mother had been a student before her. She married painter-sculptor Edward Chavez, a well known abstract artist, and continued to live in Woodstock, where daughter Maia (now also an artist) was born.

The family spent summers camping in a tent trailer, exploring the western United States. This immersion in western landscape became the inspiration for her artwork. Often, joined by daughter Maia, Eva continues the camping tradition, creating Plein Air paintings that become the basis for larger paintings in the studio at home.     

For Eva, the love affair with the western landscape has never waned.   Her Volkswagen camper is now her home away from home, and often the studio where she works. 

van Rijn’s paintings have been exhibited nationally in, among others,  the Museum of Northern Arizona, the National Arts Club in New York, Birds in Art in Wausau Wisconsin, the Blauvelt Museum of Art, and in exhibitions such as Paint America top 100,  Art for the Parks,  Art of the Animal Kingdom, and internationally in Holland, France and Japan.  She has been featured in Western Art Collector, Fine Arts Connoisseur, Wildlife Art Magazine.  She has won a number of awards, and is a signature member of Artists for Conservation

Eva continues to live in Woodstock, where she is on the Board of Directors of the Woodstock School of Art. With her partner, fisherman Richard Strain, she travels to some of the world’s last unspoiled places, where photography and quick Plein Air paintings provide the sources for landscape and wildlife paintings done in the studio.